Shree Felts
Shree Felts

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Ques. Can you tell me the procedure of producing felt products?

Ans. Yes, our felt items are considered a very special handmade and fair trade products in the world. Many people even don't know what the felt is and how the products are to be prepared? Here we are trying to explain the making procedure as clearly as possible.

At the very beginning, the wool need to be carded and dyed in various colors. Dyeing can be done either by hand or by machine but to ensure color fastness, it must be done by machine in natural process.

Upon completion of the coloring process our skilled workers (mostly womens); start compressing the raw material by hand with washing soap and hot water. After continuous hardworking on compressing; the wool will formed into patches that can be sewn together or made directly into bags, hats and shoes.

Patterns can be added to the felt at this stage by rubbing different colored wool into the base sheet with soap and hot water and integrating the fibers of the two to produce the pattern. Very fine and intricate designs can be produced as the workers pay great attention to detail and are highly skilled. When the product is formed and designed it must be sun dried. After drying, some extra work such as sewing or additional decorating is to be done. The product is then finished and ready for sale.