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Shree Felts

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Felt Typicle Applications

Application of Felts

Felts are continously being accepted as bases in the furniture,tables, lamp and various other industries. Its attractive colours and ready to use rolls work out very cost effective to the user industry.

Consumer Products:
Felts blocks finds their application in writing instruments, ink-pads, erasers, lining, underlay, door-mats, automobile carpets, die-cut part for lamp bases, furniture legs , base pad for ironing; dentistry, toys, educational kit, vegetation growth among ever growing applications.

Sealants and Absorption:
Felts due to its properties of elasticity ; absorption of the liquids and their release later on serves as an excellent reservoir for the thickest viscous liquids and has found large application as sealants in Railways, Kilns, electric motors for non-stop continuous working life. Its low frictional capabilities have made it popular in a large number of mechanical applications.

Wool as a fiber has far better air permeability ratio vis-à-vis other synthetic fibers and hence finds uses in air filters for automobile, cement, ceramics and other industry. Diesel and other viscous hydrocarbon fluids are also best filtered through wool felt media due to its corresponding properties of heat resistance and filtration. Felt media of proper specification can enhance the life cycle of the Filter.

Molded Felt Polishing Wheels:
Due to its capability of high compactness ; liquid absorption and higher product life, ‘Molded Felt Wheels’ of various densities have technical edge over traditional die-cut polishing wheels finding applications in the leather; jewelry, glass, dental, crystal, metal and other industries. Its Triangle Bobs are popular with the home polishing segment.

Felt components of various natures are continuously being adapted by the modern industry for its various needs of wicking, fluid transfer, soundproofing, spacing, heat absorption, fluid reservoir conveyor belt for bakery industry. Self-adhesive felts in various thicknesses are being used to enhance the working life of the product.

Typical uses of felts as per SAE grades

A high grade, high density felt recommended for precision uses where maximum urability and resistance to wear are required. Typical uses are: Bearing seals, ink rolls, Polishing pads, Bumpers, Low Viscosity oil retention and feeding as in lubrication wicking, Wiping applications in sheet metal, tube and wire manufacturing.

SAE F-2 & SAE F-3
High grade felts of slightly less density and durability than SAE F-1, but still recommended for precision uses such as: Vibration mounts, Precision lubrication wicking, Oil seals, Bumpers, Gaskets, Automobile, Aircraft, and Machinery Components.

A high grade, medium density felt recommended for precision uses where resiliency and durability are important factors. Typical uses are: Lubrication wicks, Grease seals, Wipers, Shock dampers, and Dust seals.

SAE F-6 & SAE F-7
Medium density felts similar to SAE F-5 and recommended for similar applications, but where slightly less durable material is permissible. These felts are commonly used for: Grease retainers, Spacer strip seals, Weather stripping, Dust shields, and noise reduction linings.

SAE F-10
A high grade, medium low density felt, similar in quality to the SEA F-5, but recommended for uses where abrasion and wear are not important factors. This is used for: Fluid storage and delivery where the felt is confined and compressed in assembly. Resilient padding and plug filters for gas and air.

SAE F-11 & SAE F-12
Medium low density felts recommended for uses similar to those of SAE F-10 where less durability can be tolerated. Typical applications are: Dry drum seals, Impregnated packings, Dash liners, Anti-squeak strips and pads, Sound deadening and other acoustic uses.

SAE F-13 & SAE F-15
Low density felts with a wide range of uses where resistance to abrasion, durability and wear are not important requirements, such as: Spacing strips, Sound deadening, Fuel oil filters, Anti-rattle applications, and grease and oil retention.

SAE F-26
Low density felt recommended for non-mechanical applications when retained between other materials. Padding and packing are typical uses.

SAE F-50
A high grade, high density felt similar to SAE F-1, but made in thicknesses below 1/8". Recommended for mechanical applications where an accurate, thin, smooth, high grade, felt is required. Typical uses are: Ball and roller bearing oil retainer washers and Small dust excluding washers.

SAE F-51
A high grade, high density felt similar to SAE F-3, but made in thicknesses below 1/8". This felt is recommended for the same applications as SAE F-50, but where tolerances and lengths of life are not as important. Typical uses are thin cut parts such as gaskets and liners.

SAE F-55
A medium low density felt similar to SAE F-7, but made in thicknesses below 1/8". This felt is recommended for uses where high durability is not required, such as: Anti-squeak strips and Sound deadening when glued to panels