Shree Felts
Shree Felts

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Wool Felts To Environments & Nature

We are maintaining various measures to keep Environments, Nature & Society free form hazard emulsion effects from our unit.

1. High Chimney:
Higher mast of chimney helps avoid air pollution and warming of surroundings.

2. Let’s Paint Earth Green:
We keep on doing plantations of plants in our unit area in regular occasions to keep our environments green. We support the various plantations programs.

3. Water Treatment Solutions:
We are having Effluent Treatment Plant to Process and Neutralize the Effluent Water so that the same can be used for Plantain & Gardening in our unit.

4. No Child Labor:
We don’t not employ any Child Labor in function of our Unit. We support’s their education & food programs through various NGO’S.

5. Safety
We provide Proper Dress, Head Gear, Face Mask, Hand Gloves & Boots to our Labor’s as Safety Measures Program in our Unit.

6. Cleanness
We believe that cleanness is what next to God. We keep our surroundings, administrative office clean. This in turn increase the productivity & imparting feel good effects in our unit.

7. Eco Friendly- Recyclable Product
Wool Felts are Bio De-gradable product i.e. made form 100% Wool Natural Fiber. Wool Felts naturally Bio-Degrades with our enviourmants of our earth with out polluting it.