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Wool Felt

1. Felt Neutral

We do neutralization of Wool Felts without use of any Compressing Chemicals & Resin Compounds. Compresses of Wool Felt are achieved form Mechanical process of Steam, Heat, Moisture, and Pressure & Washing with Chemicals Soda Ash & Fresh Water.

Generally Neutralizing of Wool Felts is done by Washing with Water & Squeezing by Calendaring Machine which leaves Acid marks in the Wool Felts. This Type Wool Felts when it comes in contact with Human Being Skin, Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals, Malleable Soft Metals, etc it leaves Acid Traces.

Neutral Felts Applications

Medical Applications, Aero Space, Electric's Components & Machines, Printers, Audio Cassettes, Printers & Cartages etc


pH 5 - 7
( IS:1719: 2000 Specified)
Thickness 1.5mm - 25mm
Width 1.50 - 1.80 Meters
Length 5.00 - 8.00 Meters
wool felt woolfelt

2. Felts Carbonized

Carbonized Felts are produces form 100% Fine Grade of Wool with Micron of 19 to 22. Carbonized felts are free from any Fiber other than Wool &Vegetable Matter (VM) in Felt Composition. World best fine grade Carbonized Wool is Australian Merino Tops form which we manufacture Carbonized Felts.


Carbonized Felt products are used for Precision Polishing where even a minute scratch can make a difference. This is the main reason why items made from Carbonized Felt are little more expensive. Superlative Polishing & Buffing of Metals, Glass, and Stones & Plastic are done with Carbonized Felts.


SEQ 100% 0.45 to 0.80 WHITE 3mm to 80mm  1.00 1.50
SWC 100% 0.18 to 0.40 WHITE 3mm to 30mm 1.4 to 1.8 5 to 12
SRG 100% 0.18 to 0.40 WHITE 3mm to 30mm  1.4 to 1.8 4 to 6

3. Felts Industrial

We manufacture a broad range of industrial wool felt & felts sheets channel felts, craft felts and pressure sensitive felts with wool blend felt and synthetic fiber blend felt.

Our materials are custom manufactured for a wide range of applications including filtration, wicking, gaskets, polishing wheels, wiping strips and many more.

Shree felt’s maintains one of the largest in-stock felt inventories in the business, enabling us to provide fast response and on-time delivery at the most competitive prices. Our full service capabilities and outstanding knowledgeable customer service make shree felt’s the valuable source for all your felt fabricating needs.

4. Felts Technical

Technical Felts (Coarse, Semi coarse, and Fine Wool) with a density of from 0.18 to 0.45 g/cm3 in the form of Strips, Sheets, Rolls and ready-made Cut To Size Pieces, used for Gaskets, Stuffing, Shock Absorbers and Wicks in Automobiles, Tractors, Combines, and Airplanes, for the Drive Shafts and other Components of Textile and Paper Machines, for Polishing Tin (Felt Polishing Pads), for Musical Instruments, and for Prosthetic Devices, etc.

5. Felts Precision

Wool Felts Precision Grades used Ball and roller bearing precision Seals, Strip Wicks, & Industrial Filters uses thin Precision Felt. Precision Felts also used for Vibration Mounts Precision Channels, Oil Seals, Bumpers, Gaskets, and Lubricator Wicks. Use of precisian Felts is very specific Industry to Industry.

6. Felts Color

Wool Felts Manufactured in Colors Also. Fine Grade of wool with micron of 21-24 is died with Wool Colors (organic colors & alkine free colors). Died wool is used for manufacturing felts. No alteration of any other fiber can be done in this process.


pH 5 TO 7
Density 0.22 to 0.34gmc3
Length 5.00To 8.00 Meters
Width 1.40 To 1.80 Meters.

7. Felts Resin Impregnated

Wool Felts are Resin impregnated with bonding chemicals so that they can be utilized more while using with some of applications such as Buffing, Polishing & Bevel edging of Metal, Stone, glass and Plastic. R.I. done generally to Wool Felts Wheels, Mounted Points & Spindles, Frank Furts, Butterfly, Felts Rings & Washers & Cut to Size Felts Components etc.

8. Felt Self Adhesive Backed

Virtually any type of Felt can have an adhesive backing applied. Adhesive backed felt can be supplied in Roll Form, Sheet Form, Felt Stripping, or as Die Cut Parts. Shree Felt has in-house lamination capabilities, and can apply adhesive to virtually any grade or Thickness of Felt. Adhesive backed products are used by the Automotive Industry, Furniture Industry, Lamp Bases, Audio Castes, & any item base to reduce the Friction on Surface or any other part where it comes to contact.

9. Felts Wheels Buff & Rounds

Wool Felt Wheels are cut by two process Die Cut & Molded. Die Cut have tapered in Edges while Molded Felt Wheels are having Square Edge. Wool Felts Wheels with higher density manufactured adopting a combination of Hammering & Fulling process to provide adequate entanglement & working life.


Suitable for diverse polishing application for variety of material & surfaces i.e. metal, stone, plastics etc. Can be used with all abrasive, greaseless or glue base compounds. Ensures blemish free mirror finish.

SFWC 100% 0.45 to 0.80 WHITE 3mm to 80mm 6mm to 500mm  
SFW 100% 0.18 to 0.40 WHITE 3mm to 30mm 25mm to 500mm
SFG 100% 0.45 to 0.80 GREY 3mm to 80mm 25mm to 500mm
SIF 100% 0.18 to 0.40 WHITE 3mm to 45mm  25mm to 500mm

10. Felt Strip, Channel, Ribbons & Belts

Felt stripping is any type of manufactured roll felt that is slit down to customers' specification. Shree Felts has extensive Roll Slitting Capabilities; we can slit felt to any width down to 1/8". We can cut various Grades, Widths, and Thickness as per specific requirements of customers.

11. Felt Washers And Felt Rings

Wool Felts Washers manufactured in various size, density and Thickness as per Individual needs. Felts Washers generally used for Tensioning & Shock Absorbers & Oil Seals Purpose. Felts rings extensive used for polishing applications. Felt Rings are suitable for Bevel & edge Polishing applications.

12. Soft, Medium Hard & Felt Sheets & Rolls

SOFT 0.36/0.18-.024 100%/40%-60% White & Grey 3mm to 50mm/
1.5mm to 30mm
1*1 Mtrs/1.40 to 1.80 Mtrs.Width
4.50to 14.00 Meters Length
MEDIUM HARD 0.44/.25-.34 100%/60%-90%
HARD 0.56/0.35-0.38 100%/95%
EXTRA HARD 0.68/0.39-0.44 100%/100%

13. Felt Sleeves, Felt Tubes, Felt conveyors & Felts Belts

We manufacture Wool Felts Sleeves/Tubes form Height 12” to 60” Inner Diameter form 100mm to 150mm & Wall thickness 3mm to 25mm.We manufacture Felt Conveyor & Belts as per Specific requirements. There are Size limitations in Conveyor & Belts manufacturing.


•  Leather Industry
•  Textile Processing Industry
•  Belting Purpose
•  Specific Rollers Applications

14. Felt Cloth

Felt Cloth is generally manufactured in Tubes/sleeves & conveyors form. These are manufactured form knitting & felting process generally it used by the textile process industry.

15. Felt Typical Components

Wool Felts typical components are cut as per specific requirements of Individual industry. We can shape & size the components as per you specific need. Felt cut shape & size.

16. Felt Carpets & Rugs /Handicrafts/Balls

We also under take production of Felt Handicrafts & Rugs & Carpets in bulk orders. Trade Enquires are solicited. Our range Production Photos are below.

17. Felt For Saddlery & Hairiness And Quilting

We provide wide range for Wool felt & Non Woven Felt Grades for Saddlery && Hairiness and Quilting Industry. We provide then form 3mm to 25mm Thickness in all most 50 GARED of Felts which include Machine Compress, Needle Punch & Handmade Process. We can execute your any requirements in these segments of Products. Please give us chance to quote your inquiry.

18. Felts Stationery

We provide lot of Felt & Non Woven Felts range for Stationery Division for fowling item Dusters, Erasers, stamp ads, Wool Felts Marker Pen Nibs ect. We can cut & shape the as per you specific requirements of you products. We also under take lamination of Cloth & Adhesive on Felt Pads for Specific needs.

19. Felt For Textile Industry & Felt Components

We manufacture Wool Felts & Non Woven Felts for Textile Industry applications in 4” to 6” Width form 5.00 Meters to 25 Meters of Length in 10 Grades of Felts. We also under take Specific Cut Components requirements for Textile Industry i.e. Rings, Washers, Strips, Ribbons, Channels & any Components.

20. Felt Filtrations & Interlinings

We manufacture Wool felts used for various Filters for Oil, Water, Petroleum Products & any other substances. We also Manufacture Felts for the Inter lings of Gloves & Clothes any other specific Industrial requirements. We manufacture Filtration & Interlinings Felts form 1.5mm Thick to 25mm Thick.